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The Budget Planner and Expense Tracker

Welcome to the app that will change the way you manage your expenses and budgets

Innovative, powerful, intuitive

The evolution in personal and household expense management starts here

Manage everything in one place

Expenses, budgets, contracts, subscriptions, gadgets, devices, warranties, payments, credit cards and loyalty cards all conveniently together in your digital wallet

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Seamlessly sync across all devices

Your data synced across all devices – mobile, tablet and web. Any way you need your information, you have it.

Never lose track of your payments or your subscriptions

Know ahead of time when you’re making a payment. Know when you have to take action on an upcoming contract or subscription renewal. Adnoto Expense Manager gives you power over your household expenses and budgets

Adnoto Expense Manager is available on iOS, Android and Web

Adnoto Expense Manager is available for download on your iOS, Android and the Web

Expense Manager

Privacy & Your Data

The privacy of your data is paramount. You can read about how your data is stored here but we would like to give you a bit more information regarding the social logins and the privacy of your data. Facebook and Google+ are integrated for users to sign up and register accounts easily and quickly. We extract the following data for quick registration: first name, last name and through geo-location your city and country.

Your email address that you sign-in with either Facebook or Google+ is also stored for the purposes on sending notifications or the weekly summary. Both Facebook and Google+ will record when you login for security and their other purposes. We also track when users login for data security and internal analytics (how often users login and use the app for example). The data that you put into Adnoto is stored securely and is also encrypted. We do not share this information with anyone.


Data Security

About Adnoto

What is Adnoto about? It was formed out of a desire to manage our household commitments in a way that traditional home financial software, spreadsheets, calendars, scraps of paper, filing cabinets and emails never could. We just couldn’t easily find expiration dates of contracts, when payments were due, how we were paying for something and what we were paying for in one convenient place. The end result is Adnoto Expense Manager, your household financial management app.

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Testimonials from People who Love Adnoto Expense Manager

  • Don't take our word for it! People who use Adnoto love it! Its about time you too took your personal financial control by taming the things that you don't have time to manage.
    Kevin Lowther, CEO
  • "Dashboard looks cool. Quite a funky way of keeping track of things... Good way to stop things falling through the cracks as often happens when I use my calendar for these sort of things"
    David A
  • "This is simply amazing and promising one...It`s a must for everyone..."
    Huma F
  • "Adnoto is an extremely easy and convenient way to store all your household data, contracts, bills, renewals etc and have everything in one place instead of digging around in old post and drawers to know when to pay bills and renew contracts! Its very easy to use and you can see in seconds what needs attention. I can highly recommend this app!"

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