Saving for a Vacation


Saving for a Vacation

Sometimes you might wish to take that long awaited vacation but you are having a problem figuring how to save for it. Here are some tips that will help you set your budget in order to accomplish your long awaited dream. 

Find out about your destination
You can get some necessary information about accommodation, airfares and other costs from friends and family who have visited your destination. Some of this information can also be gleaned from travel guides and tourism pages so you’ll have a rough estimate of what you’ll need. Figure out a daily spend target and add that to your saving’s goal. If you are travelling by air, you might also need to pay extra for overweight, customs or immigration charges. Even though these charges are less significant, you should also some cash on hand for these expenses.

Track your Expenses

 Smart phone apps can be use as an expense tracker (Adnoto Plus comes in super handy here). It keeps a track of your expenses, thereby keeping you on target for your long term savings plan. The aim of this app is to ensure that you know your outgoings and can control your expenses.

Set a Price Point
These step is one of the hardest in vacation planning since most people don’t even seem to create household budget. It’s hard to plan for a vacation without thinking about the cost. Study your personal finances and have a rough estimate of the amount of money you can save over a particular period of time. For instance, if your total savings for a week is $50 and the estimated price for your vacation is $2,600, you can simply increase your savings to $100 in a week so as to meet up with your target. All you need to have is a saving target.

Have Fun on a Budget
Saving for your dream vacation should not deprive you from entertainment and going out. Visiting bars and watching movies don’t usually come cheap but saving on the other hand doesn’t imply living a boring lifestyle. Check your local area for free events, or specials run by local businesses during the week.


Save Every Day
Being mindful of your daily expenses is a great step. You can continuously check your bank balance or download a budgeting app like Adnoto Expense Manager to understand how your money is spent. Always remember that for every dinner in, you are one step closer to your vacation.