5 Books About Money To Help You Get Your Finances On Point In 2018:

5 Books About Money To Help You Get Your Finances On Point In 2018:

I think it’s time we all admit it: money is hard. And as millennial’s dealing with non-traditional job structures, an economy that doesn’t allow for a ton of stability, and general misinformation about money matters — well, it can go from hard to debilitating. Add to that the fact that women are still so often left out of the personal finance conversation, and something as commonplace as filing your own taxes can fill even the most confident person with total dread. But there are actually tons of resources — including books about money — out there for anyone who wants to learn more about controlling their money, asking for a raise, spending wisely, and just figuring out what the heck a 401k even is.

From the simplistic to the advanced, the five books below were all written by influential women in the industry who understand exactly where you’re coming from, and they’ll definitely help you on the path to financial mastery — even if you feel like you’re starting from square one. Forget your fears over doing math, or trying to define obscure financial words: these books bring finance to you, helping you become savvy in everything you’ll ever need to know to make money moves.

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