From the Confessions of a workaholic

From the Confessions of a workaholic, a concise depiction of the life of a workaholic and how she got out of workaholism.

Are you addicted to work?

Addiction is generally a bad word. Most commonly used in relation to illegal substances, alcohol and gambling. It involves a compulsive need to something of substance. A gambler cannot walk away from a gambling table, until he is either being asked to leave or lost all his money. A drug addict must rely on the use of illegal substance to sustain his addiction. An alcoholic must have alcohol in their hands. They may hide it in a flask, but they cannot hide their addiction. Cigarette smokers are addicted to smoking. Addicts show physical signs of misery when they are not satisfied with an illegal substance and they often turn to other forms of addiction. For instance most smokers are also alcoholics.

But there are other forms of addiction also. Some people are addicted to adrenaline. They will do anything to get that ‘adrenaline rush’, such as cliff diving, bungie jumping, or walking across 2 buildings on a tight rope. We call them ‘Adrenaline Junkies’.

But there is also another growing form of addiction. Which, I believe, probably has the highest population of junkies, and is actually a ‘socially acceptable’ form of addiction. Some people are proud to be this type of junkie. They believe that their bosses would appreciate them for being this type of addict.

I’m talking about ‘Work’. Addiction to work. Read more