It is mid-working day and you feel that your energy tank has slumped. Here are 5 insightful ways to make the most of your lunch break and return to your desk feeling more motivated

People of Europe, it’s time to reclaim the lunch break! A 2016 CIPD study showed that only 30% of workers in the UK take a proper lunch hour – a paltry number. But taking time out from your working day can do wonders not only for your mental state but also your productivity.

Here are five ways to make your lunch work for you.


Fostering a healthy relationship with your co-workers is important. People who get on with their colleagues boast higher job satisfaction, greater productivity and improved overall happiness. If your workplace connections need a little TLC, your lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to grab that coffee or cook up that pasta. Put the work into a relationship and you’ll get more out, after all.

For the extroverts out there, meeting new people could be just the impetus you need to boost your energy for the afternoon. Let’s Lunch pairs you at a moment’s notice with others in your area. Reconnect with old friends or make new ones in your lunch hour. Who knows, you may end up boosting your network!

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