Small efforts can add up to big savings over time, whether it’s a home, work, travel or your social life.

No matter what you’re saving money for—whether it’s to build up an emergency fund, pay off debt faster or plan ahead for a big vacation or first home—trimming expenses will help you get there faster.

The good news is even small efforts can add up to big savings over time. We’ve rounded up 101 simple ways you can get started today.

Simple hacks
1. Stockpile $1 (or $5) bills. Take them out of your wallet as soon as you accrue them and put them right into savings.

2. Open a savings account at a bank that’s not easily accessible, deterring you from dipping into it unnecessarily.

3. Create sub-accounts for different savings goals. It’s an easy way to measure your progress and make quick adjustments.

4. Nickname those accounts. Research proves this creates an emotional connection that motivates you to save more.

5. Set up automatic transfers to savings and investment accounts after payday. You won’t have time to miss the money.

6. Get a cash-back credit card to earn money as you spend.

7. Treat yourself to a birthday freebie.

8. Get cash back at the grocery store or pharmacy to avoid out-of-network ATMs, which cost an average of $4.52. (You can usually get up to $40 back free when using a debit card.)

9. Stop paying maintenance and other hidden fees for your checking account. Shop around for a free account.

10. Transfer your savings to a high-yield account. The average savings account pays just .06% in interest, but you can easily find one that pays around 1%.

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