Your emergency fund is stocked. Would your extra dollars better serve you elsewhere?

4 Signs Your Emergency Fund Is Too Big

Financial experts have long advocated for the emergency fund: savings set aside to pay for life’s unexpected emergencies. This financial cushion can also help cover your daily living expenses should you lose your job. But is it possible to save too much money in an emergency fund?

Yes, if you could be using that extra money to invest, pay off high-interest debt, or boost your retirement savings.

Here are a few signs that your emergency fund is too big, and that the money in it — at least some of it — would be better used elsewhere.

1. You have more than enough emergency savings to live off

Financial experts have long recommended having three to six months’ worth of daily living expenses covered in an emergency fund. However, this is a general guideline, and you should tailor the specific amount to your unique life circumstances.

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