Discover 110 fun things that you can do for free this weekend

Discover 110 fun things that you can do for free this weekend. Having fun doesn’t always have to involve spending money. Check out some of our top tips on how to have a blast without a budget.

The best things in life are free…That sentiment makes for great song lyrics and Pinterest memes, but when it comes to actual life, maybe not so much. After all, everything seems to cost money. For many Americans, their paycheck is practically gone the day they get it. In 2016, the average American household spent $18,886 on housing and $6,602 on eating out, clothing, and entertainment. Ouch. No wonder there are so many people living paycheck to paycheck. But there’s good news: You can tighten your belt and still have an awesome life. That’s not just lip service, either. Some of the most worthwhile things in life truly are priceless:

Your family and friends…
Your hopes and dreams…
Your health—both mind and body…
Your intelligence and abilities.

We think it’s pretty cool that you can have fun and continue to enhance your experiences in life without worrying about a price tag. To prove it, we did the legwork for you. Read more:

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