More millennials are investing in the stock market through Micro Investing

More millennials are investing in the stock market with an interesting technique is through Micro Investing with Betterment and other app-based companies.

More Gen Y-ers are figuring out that it is a good idea to start investing and, just like they do with so many other things, they are not letting themselves be constrained by the traditional options available to them – or even newer trends like making investments in startups. Between new electronic options for investing, penny stocks, and other, smaller investment options collectively known as micro investing, Millennials are learning how to get into the stock market. And they’re already starting to take advantage of these new avenues to invest their money and reap returns.

So, how is the generation with the largest student debt and toughest looking future managing to invest so much? The answer involves approaching investment the way you build any good habit – starting small, doing it frequently, and building your way up. That is the essence of micro investing – replacing large startup capital with an “as you go” approach.

Micro investing allows would-be-investors with little starting capital to bypass the roadblocks that usually keep them out of the game – minimum investment levels, trading costs, market research, and really just not having a ton of money. Micro investing allows you to build wealth with only a few dollars at a time.

Investing has always had a high buy-in value, which you would think eliminates the generation that is doing everything they can to save whatever they have – but a handful of apps are changing that, and opening the doors for Millennials to try their hand at creating their own investment portfolios.

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