Are you 65+ or have parents who are enrolled in Medicare?

Are you 65+ or have parents who are enrolled in Medicare? Share this article to protect yourself or your parents from identity theft! New Medicare cards will be issued over the next 12 months. The government is warning of scams related to the new cards.  

Medicare cards of the past had one massive design flaw: they had Social Security Numbers printed on them, in plain sight, for anyone to see. If a card was lost or stolen, the victim was highly vulnerable to identity theft. That’s why the Medicare agency recently elected to distribute new Medicare cards without Social Security numbers printed on them.

The issuance of new cards may sound like good news – and it is a welcomed change – however, it presents an opportunity for thieves and fraudsters.

According to a recent Time article, scams targeting seniors are on the rise: “One in five Americans over the age of 65 are victims of financial abuse—and the average loss is a staggering $120,300.”

Did you know your new Medicare card was coming? According to AARP, three out of four adults over the age of 65 had no idea this was happening.

For those who did not, or who have incomplete information on how the new cards will be issued, it provides thieves with an excellent baiting opportunity to interject before you secure your hands on your rightfully owned Medicare card.

Here’s what Medicare enrollees need to know: