How Paying Off Your Debt Is The Best ROI

How Paying Off Debt Is The Best ROI (Return On Investment)  

Do you have debt? How does paying off your debt sound to you? Did you ever think of it as an investment? Does debt make you cringe when you think about it?

I took my first big loan when before I turned 23. It was scary, I was worried about how I will pay it off and every day I asked the universe to help me pay it off. My parents taught me to be very careful with loans and not get one unless it’s mandatory. So, in their perspective, the fact that I got one without having a job, was risky and definitely not smart.

I was about to turn 23, just graduated college and was busting my ass to make money from fashion blogging. I knew my dream was to be a coach so, in 2 months after graduating, I found the most amazing school out there – the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decided to enroll and learn how to be a holistic health coach.

At that time I still was not making any money from my blogging business and was working a summer job. I decided to save as much as I can from that summer job and work hard so by the time autumn comes I have an income from my biz. I took a $6,500 loan, with a monthly payment of $199. You might say:

“Oh, that is nothing, you should see my loan! You should see my monthly payment.”

Well, I had 0 income, so $199/month seemed a lot. Not to mention that I come from Romania, where the minimum wage was around $200/month at that time. You see how this loan seemed like a big deal for me.

I got this loan in August and in September I made my first $97 from my blogging biz. Starting that month I was making constant money. I took a HUGE RISK and there I was constantly asking myself:

“Did I made the right decision or not?”

In order to pay it off and actually pay it off earlier, I did a lot of inner work and learned how to attract/manifest abundance.

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