College Money Worries?

College Money Worries? Make Money and Save Money With This Free College Student Budget Template

By jerryoneclase

We hope you’ll find the following FREE college student budget template the most intuitive one out there. If not, tell us what we did wrong here.

This was made for college students who find budgeting to be daunting and who have allowed their finances and their stress to accompany one another.

We’re fond of this familiar story: As the school year progresses, your funds diminish and your anxiety heightens. You worry persistently about your limited finances and whether it’s enough, affecting the daily decisions you make involving money and activities.

Slowly your grades fall and your social life begins to tumble because the perpetual uncertainty of how long your funds can last leaves you in a chronic state of stress.

It’s no wonder that 70 percent of college students are stressed about their personal finances, according to a national survey.

So we made this college budget sheet to help you know in no uncertain terms three things: (1) how much you can spend; (2) how much you should save; (3) and how much more money you need.

*This can be used for any type of saving goal you have as well, whether it’s for travel, studying abroad, etc.

This is budgeting 101.

Don’t worry– it’s automated and you get weekly budgeting tips based on your budget.

Be happy– you’re about to take charge of your life.

Step 1 – Setting up your student budget template

Let’s get started.

Before you do anything, sign into your Gmail.

Then open our Student Budget Template.

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