Why did we make Adnoto Expense Manager?

Adnoto Expense Manager was formed out of a desire to make our life easier in a way that traditional home financial software, spreadsheets, calendars, scraps of paper, filing cabinets and emails never could. We couldn’t easily find when contracts expired and they renewed when we didn’t want them to. Sometimes we got caught when payments were due. We wanted to know which account we paid for something it could be a challenge. Now we have Adnoto Expense Manager.

expense manager

expense manager

Built for today's small problems

Adnoto Expense Manager is an app that helps us ordinary mortals make sense of all the contracts and subscriptions we have slowly draining our bank accounts every month, and the devices and gadgets that were once so novel that now seem to litter our rooms and lives.

Doing something together

Adnoto is looking for business partners to help bring value to our users. These include Loyalty programs, Retailers, Financial Services providers, Insurers and other Service Providers such as Internet, Mobile, Utilities, Content, Media and Software providers.

expense manager