Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Adnoto Expense Manager comes with a range of reports and analytics to give you more insights about your personal or household financial management. Let Adnoto do the hard work for you by keeping a schedule of your household subscriptions and outgoings, an inventory of your assets and their warranties and other useful financial data. Adnoto Reports provide you with payment schedules for the next 7 days and reminds you when you need to cancel any contracts or check for replacement credit and debit cards. There are useful analytics to breakdown spend per person and even address. If you’re moving, no problem. Adnoto generates a move list to help keep track of all your service providers you need to notify when you move. Print out a list of your key assets to make sure they make the move with you!


Use the Analytics function to dig into your information and get insights you never had before. Get a breakdown of spend per person, per payment method, period and location. Adnoto makes your life easier.


Get a graphical breakdown report of spend per person, contract, location and payment method. We all love a piechart so why not delve into the slices!

piechart reports

timeline reports


Adnoto Expense Manager gives you a timeline of when you can give notice on your contracts, when they expire and when your warranties expire too. Adnoto makes sure you’re on top of your contract commitments so you don’t get hit with any surprise renewals.


It’s your data. Easily export your information to a text file for your use however you want in a CSV file emailed straight to you.

export reports

move me reports

Move Me

Moving? No problem for Adnoto users. Easily generate reports to help you move. Create check lists for Contracts and Subscriptions, Gadgets and Devices and any other information you wish to track during your move

Upcoming Payments

Get a list of your upcoming payments for the next 7 days. Adnoto let’s you know when you need to move money between your accounts by looking at your upcoming payments. On the dashboard you will see you Spend Stress Indicator that tells you when you’re in a payment pain week!

upcoming payment reports