Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some frequently asked questions. You can always contact us for anything about our app.

Why do you need my email address?

We are frequently asked this question. We use your email address to establish your account. We also use it to send you reports generated from the app. You can also opt-in to receive an occassional newsletter from us. We also use your email address to verify your account information, reset your password and change your registered email address. Your email isn’t shared with anyone – we hate spam as much as everyone else

Is my data secure?

We make use of encryption methods to protect your data on your device and our servers

The data on my device doesn’t look right. How do I fix it?

Under Profile & Settings on the app, go to select “Reset my data”. This will pull a fresh copy of your data from our servers

I lost my device, how do I get my data back?

Doh! When you replace your device, restore your purchases and log in normally. Your data will be downloaded from our servers

How do I reset my password?

If you are not logged in, select “Reset my password” at the login screen. Otherwise follow the instructions in the Profile & Settings screen

Can I log into Adnoto from a web browser?

Yes, you can log into Adnoto Expense Manager here:!/login but please use Chrome

What does the in-app purchase give me?

Adnoto Expense Manager is free to download and lets you store up to 5 devices and contracts, 2 payment methods, 1 location and 2 people in your information. The Adnoto annual subscription removes these restrictions (but is subject to a reasonable use policy). Additionally Adnoto paid subscribers can store documents associated with gadgets and devices when logging into the web interface.

Additionally, our new release coming in August 2017 allows you store your own personalised notes with your information.

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